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SatHookUp is headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles area with several branches throughout the United States. The company was founded in 2005 by Robert Tanguay, at the time, an independent satellite installer. Today, SatHookup boasts a network of over 600 independent installers and dealers and is close to providing complete coverage nationwide.

Initially installing in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, SatHookup then began serving customers directly in San Diego, Ramona, Poway, Oceanside, Orange County, and all of Southern California. SatHookup was getting phone calls from all across the state, and installers would be all over the place, using travel time, gas and putting lots of mileage on company equipment.


It wasn't until late summer 2008 that the SatHookup Network was created to address these wastes on resources, dramatically decreasing the cost of service and goods, passing those savings to SatHookup's customers. Using local satellite TV/ Internet installers, cable dealers, and other service providers, the SatHookup Network .

In December of 2009, in an effort to streamline customer service and communication without increasing costs SatHookup release the TV Forum, where SatHookup customers and TV, Internet and phone consumers can get their questions answered by PROs.

SatHookup is partnered with local tv, internet and phone installers to provide easy access to all available communications providers available locally so they can get the best price for TV, Internet and phone. By delivering services through local installers, dealer, sales affiliates, and other vendors near each customer location, SatHookup eliminates waste both financially and

Satellite NetworkCurrently, SatHookup has a distribution grid across the entire country so your order is available quickly. You can place your tv order online 24/7 or call 818-668-5552 and speak with a satellite specialist.

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