XM Radio channel lineup
XM Radio
  • Commercial free music playing each genre
  • Exclusive concerts and original music series
  • The most sports coverage on satellite radio with MLB™, NHL, college games, and the PGA TOUR®
  • The biggest names in news and entertainment such as Bob Dylan, Oprah Winfrey, Al Franken, and many more
  • Breaking news reports from CNN, CSPAN, CNBC, and BBC
  • Remaining safe and informed with XM NavTraffic® and Weather

XM Radio

the Next Generation of Radio

XM satellite radio has the best satellite radio programming available today! With over 170 digital satellite radio stations, more than 70 of them commercial free, XM has now signed tv personality Oprah to their station line-up. Listen to songwritter and generational icon Bob Dylan only on xm.

The Pioneer Inno and all XM Products are sleek and portable!

This means that you can get XM satellite radio your way, no matter where you are. XM satellite radio programming is filled with a variety of satellite radio stations containing the freshest music from your favorite artists, all of the timeless classics, and new singles from the hottest rising stars so you know what's cool before your friends do.

Your satellite radio audio experience is completed with the most intellectual talk radio, updated sports coverage, and real time news radio feeds so that you're always informed while mobile. XM satellite radio receivers are the best available, and their radio kits can be added to your car stereo, in your home as a kitchen radio, your portable satellite radio system for the gym, or a emergency radio for weather news on your boat or television. XM online is even available for your office computer for free with an XM satellite radio subscription. You stay connected no matter where you are. With XM launching all new promotions, satellite radio has never been easier to get than now! Satellite radio programming packages start at $12.99 a month and get even cheaper with a paid subscription. You can even get up to $30 cash back off of your xm satellite receiver when you buy today. Be part of the satellite radio revolution and join XM right now!